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About Torch

Torch is a Montrose, CA native that fell in love with the art of fusing metal while still in junior high school. In 1981, Torch joined forces with the NHRA and became the exclusive welder for the drag racing circuit.

After 26 years on tour with the NHRA, Torch took the knowledge he gained welding on the drag strip and started Torch Wear in 2005. He wanted to provide the ultimate solution in comfort and safety for welders on the front line of any job.

Torch takes great pride in the development process of Torch Wear products that stand alone providing safety solutions for all in the most severe job conditions.

Back in the early 1900's welding was a process that many had heard about or seen but could not imagine mastering or even attempting. The 21st century has proven that the once unimaginable process executed only by professionals is now accessible to the end user world wide. A testament to the engineers of this modern era that brought this challenging experience to the workforce and the craftsman amateur or professional.

Torch Wear® safety and welding apparel provides you with superior protection while being comfortable enough to wear next to your skin. Our unique product line offers a new look at re-engineered garments made exclusively from the revolutionary CarbonX® fabric, Valen-T with TW-55™ and other high performance material.

Our goal is to prove that your investment will bring proven value to you and your job at hand. Torch Wear® Functional Protective Clothing will bring solutions to your Safety and Welding Needs.